Using knowledge from the best lawyers around, AdminTech has created a comprehensive automated engine for drafting and editing documents.

With a convenient, intuitive interface, countless agreement options, built-in consultations, autocomplete fields, plus other great features, we can help you create accurate contracts for your business needs in minutes.

LedgerPeek uses innovative technology and automation to provide all classic accounting and tax services along with its own seamless solution for document processing – INBOX.

Our professional advice on accounting, tax and personnel management will save you time, money and hassle. With our INBOX system, you can quickly process and store all financial documents in one place, and with further integration it can be transferred to your accounting system.

MasterIntegrator provides a single ecosystem of digital products that businesses need to attract necessary customers online.

Our solutions are selected with small businesses’ digital needs in mind, with a view to developing and growing your business together. Need a website, online store, cloud storage, business email or virtual office?

MasterIntegrator will bring it to life for you!